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VoIP phones with add-ons

Enhanced messaging platform

Virtual Business Management

You can’t afford second-rate connection in this digital age.

Crystal clear audio on domestic and international calls with hi- tech innovative features

Top-of-the-line backend handling with automatically updated VoIP technology

HIPAA compliance certification, security and privacy guaranteed

"JellTel® delivers high-quality VoIP systems..."

We reached out to JellTel® to handle our multiple real estate management offices. JellTel® understood our needs and even gave ideas to make our company’s communications function more easily. They were able to properly structure our interoffice phones across many offices, departments, and extensions. JellTel® delivers high-quality VoIP systems with competitive rates, excellent service, and quick response time. 

— Yitzi Pretter, Emerald Equity Group

Experience the staying power of well-understood customers

“We apologize, but our systems are down right now.”

“Sorry, we don’t offer that option.”

“There seems to be some confusion with your billing/login/information.”

“You may experience some lapse in connectivity while we take control of your lines.”

“Leave a message and someone will get back to you. This voicemail box is full.”

100% reliability with NO DOWNTIME or lost calls!

Your information and monthly automated billing is triple-checked for accuracy.

Experience ZERO lapse in connectivity and retain your phone number while we take control of your systems.

Request any configuration from the latest in technology that will make your company function more efficiently.

Friendly, live customer service with quick response time and on-the-mark troubleshooting.

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“Tech support responds within minutes,
they have superior products, and the connection is reliable….”

Our business is dependent on the cooperation of many parties by phone. The cost of downtime in any of our phones means that doctors can’t be contacted and patients aren’t getting their medicines. After trying multiple other services, we turned to JellTel® and couldn’t be happier. Tech support responds within minutes, they have superior products, and the connection is reliable. Abe is an amazing person, always a step ahead of us and accommodating whatever we need. JellTel® is highly recommended!

Efraim Halberstam, Medicine Chest Pharmacy

Be there for your customers

Web and App calls

Unlimited Call Recording

Contact Management


Live Call Barge

Line Queues

Virtual Receptionists

After-hours Greetings

Enhanced Messaging Platform

"Beyond any other company on the market..."

Organized communication makes a huge difference in a company’s operational efficiency. JellTel® excels at providing customized features and personalized service . The quality and support they offer are above and beyond any other company on the market. JellTel® it is!

Mordechai Meisels, Encore Support Services

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