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After a decade of experience in tech-support and telecom leadership, JellTel® was founded based on firsthand knowledge of communication hurdles facing many industries.

We believe

Current customers take precedence over potential business.

Easy and uncomplicated VoIP is a must for any successful company.

Streamlining your business is worthwhile for both of us - whatever it takes.

We enable

Professional telecommunication systems to take your company to the next level.

Remote business capabilities for added flexibility and time to advance your business.

Complete assurance that your phones are always up and running.

We offer

VoIP phones with add-ons

Enhanced messaging platfrom

Virtual Business Management

“JellTel® is innovative, dedicated, and very responsive. They are at the cutting edge of VoIP technology and we couldn’t be happier. Especially when remote communications are necessary, they are constantly working to come up with advancements and new options to make business easier. They made the switchover as simple as possible and offered the exact services we needed. We never once had a tech issue or downtime in the past 5 years.”

—- Benzion Morgenstern, BZM Realty

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Our quality commitment resulted

in hundreds of accounts with a

99% customer retention and

95% referral rate!

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Years of telecom expertise

Open communication begins with good questions:

Certainly. We work with all phone carriers to make sure your number is transferred smoothly.

We can begin servicing your company with your current specifics, and you can customize preferences at your convenience. Most systems are completely set up within 24-48 hours, some even the same day! We work according to your schedule.

We require authorization and verification for all meaningful changes to your account. You can set up preferences for additional verification when you sign up.

Of course! You can set up autopay via your checking account or credit card, or pay online. You can always verify the status of payment on our online portal.

Monthly costs are standard: $24.95 per extension plus a $2 fee for 911 database registration.

There are never any hidden fees or unexpected charges. You can expect transparency and honesty every step of the way.

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